iSh(sh, options)


Deprecated: Replaced by CommandCall and will be removed in the next major version.

Generates a PASE shell command.

  • sh (string) – The command to string run.
  • options (shOptionsDeprecated) – The command options.

string – The generated command.


SH Command Options

  • rows (string) – Whether to split the output row by row. Valid options are on or off. Default is off.
  • error (string) – Determines action when an error is encountered. Valid options are on, off, or fast. Default is fast. Using on will cause the script execution to stop and log a full error report. Using off or fast continues executing the script. The Difference is that fast will log a brief error report and off will not.
  • hex (string) – Whether to output data in hex format. Valid options are on or off. Default is off.
  • before (string) – The CCSID to convert to before command call.
  • after (string) – The CCSID to convert to after command call.